Working Group on Ethics

The Working Group on Ethics, established in 2011, has currently 10 member organisations: CPR - Conselho Português para os RefugiadosFundação Gonçalo da SilveiraFundação ChampagnatFECIMVFLeigos para o DesenvolvimentoMédicos do MundoPAR - Respostas SociaisRosto Solidário e VIDA – Voluntariado Internacional para o Desenvolvimento Africano.

This working group was created to promote the debate and reflection on Ethics within the members of the Portuguese NGDO Platform.

It aims to encourage the discussion around questions of ethics and social responsibility of NGDOs, taking into account practices and documents already developed in other countries. It also aspires to contribute to the design and implementation of improved communication strategies that privilege good practices and principles already in place internationally.

This debate is expected to lead to the construction of a Portuguese Code of Conduct for NGDOs. This document will strive to establish procedures and values that each NGDO should respect and put into practice on their daily work. It is essential that this process result of an inclusive and active participation of all members in order to ensure that the majority of the NGDOs recognize and bring the Code into their organization.