Human Resources for Development Cooperation Working Group

The Human Resources for Development Cooperation Working Group, created in July 2005, has as main objective to unite efforts around the Human Resources for Development Cooperation subject, with a special attention into volunteering in the Development Cooperation field. This working group intents to elucidate all the people interested in this subject and who are willing and available in order to, as volunteers or as paid development cooperation agents, contribute to promote a more just and equitative world.

In order to do this, since its creation, this working group has performed several initiatives intented to raise awareness, train and promote volunteering for development cooperation. In 2009 there was launched a "Guide for Human Resources for Development Cooperation" (in Portuguese) which intended over all to answee a need to organize in a single source information about the three main phases of the development cooperation agent work, either volunteer or paid: before departure, during field work, and after returning.

The group has also made efforts to influence political decision makers in order to promote more favorable policies in what development cooperation is concerned.

This group is constituted by six Development NGOs associated into the Portuguese Development NGO Platform: Equipa D’ÁfricaFEC - Funcação Fé e CooperaçãoISU  - Instituto de Solidariedade e Cooperação UniversitáriaObra Missionária de Acção Social/Leigos da Boa Nova e Saúde em Português - Associação de Profissionais de Cuidados de Saúde dos Países de Língua Portuguesa eVIDA – Voluntariado Internacional para o Desenvolvimento Africano.