Development Education Working Group

The Development Education Working Group has currently 15 member organisations: ADRAAIDGLOBALCIDACCPREngenho & Obra, Fundação Cidade de Lisboa, FECFundação Gonçalo da SilveiraGraalIMVFISU, Par - Respostas Sociais, Rosto Solidário, Sol sem Fronteiras e VIDA.

In order to increase the role of Development Education in national society, the representatives of these NGDOs gather each month to discuss DE issues, share experiences and organize events.

During 2009/2010, the Working Group played an important role in the creation of the National Development Education Strategy (ENED), which produced a reference frame for civil society and state organisations working in Development Education. Therefore, the work of this group also takes into account the annual ENED’s Action Plan.

More information on the National Development Education Strategy can be found here.