Aid Watch Working Group

This Working Group that gathers 8 different organizations: ACEPADRA PortugalEngenho e ObraFECIMVFOIKOSSol sem FronteirasUNICEF was created in January 2007. Its main goal is to analyze the Portuguese Official Development Aid (ODA) evolution taking into account the international commitments that Portugal have been making in this regard, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

This analysis of the Portuguese ODA is also used by the Portuguese Platform to feed the Portuguese part of the European AID WATCH Report made by the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs (CONCORD) and to stimulate the national debate on these issues, involving different political decision makers (Government, Parliament and Political Parties).

The Portuguese Platform uses frequently the information produced by this group in many political influence initiatives and in many interventions and monitoring actions of the public policies relevant to Civil Society’s work.

The focus of this group has evolved from monitoring solely quantitative aspects of ODA to an approach that includes analyzing the quality of Cooperation for Development, coping with the debates about Development Effectiveness. In 2012, taking the last (and only) public hearing in the Parliament dedicated to Cooperation for Development as a milestone, the working group analyzed the last 10 years of ODA and produced the report Relatório Aid Watch 2012 - Uma Leitura da Cooperação Portuguesa desde 2003
At an international level, the participation of members of this group in different CONCORD initiatives made possible to the Platform to follow a number of relevant issues for the future of the Portuguese NGDOs, like the Structural Dialogue between the European Commission and the Civil Society of the European Union Member States and the debates about effectiveness of the Civil Society organizations work (Open Forum on CSO Effectiveness).