sede Alameda Jean Piaget , 100 , 4411-801 , Arcozelo - V. N. Gaia
telefone(+351) 227531106/7
website www.apdes.pt
APDES Piaget Agency for Development

Established in 2004, APDES - Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento – is a non-profit NGDO (Non-governmental Development Organisation) that promotes the integrated development.

Vision: To be a trustworthy and participatory agent of social change, aiming to promote a global citizenship and integrated development.

Mission: To improve the living conditions of vulnerable people and communities through technical, scientific and political actions.

APDES main goal is to support vulnerable communities and people, in order to improve their access to healthcare services, employment and education. At the same time, we aim to promote the empowerment of institutions and individuals, as well as the reinforcement of social cohesion. The organisational profile of APDES comprehends four lines of intervention that guide the developed projects:

- Health, Harm Reduction and Human Rights;
- Health Education;
- Social Cohesion and Employment;
- Cooperation and Development.


All the tasks carried out follow successfully delineated work principles, such as research, participatory methodologies, outreach intervention, advocacy, assessment and interdisciplinary approach.

Headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia, APDES develops several activities in this municipality and cities like Porto, Guarda, Setúbal and Lisbon. Since 2008, APDES has internationalised its scope of action and organised several initiatives and projects in European countries, Cape Verde and Angola – a territory where, in August 2014, we were granted with the legal acknowledgment by the Angolan Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.


Identity – ethics and lifestyle
Humanism; Participation; Outreach; Multidisciplinarity
Skills – know-how
Community intervention; Action-research; Political action
Preferential – social and economic benefits of services/products
Capacity-building of people and organisations; Access to healthcare, employment, education and citizenship
Internal – organisation's modus operandi
Innovation, discussion and experimentation; Personal and professional growth through creative freedom; Solidary and sustainable management

The affiliation of APDES with other organisations is quite extensive; APDES is the founding and constituent member of several national and international networks in the ambit of harm reduction associated with psychoactive drugs use, sex work, access to employment and human rights.

More info: www.apdes.pt. | Make a donation at: https://apdes.pt/donate/donativo/

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