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Médicos do Mundo Doctors of the world

Who we are
Doctors of the world is a Non-Governmental Organization of humanitarian Aid and cooperation for the development without any profit, or religion and political affiliation. Our work involves to fight for the fundamental right that all human being have to equal access to medical care, regardless their nationality, religion, ideology, race or economic possibilities. In XXI century, a great number of people, in Portugal and abroad don’t have this right assured. It is to close this gap that MDM strives.

To provide essential medical care is the aim of our action, under the motto « we fight all diseases, including the injustice…». Nevertheless we don’t fight only the diseases; we fight to give to those in need a larger concept of heath, which includes that« health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity» as it was defined by the World Health Organization in the Conference that took place in 1979, in Alma Ata, former URSS.

This conception enlarges our action to inform the public opinion  against the social injustices  so that the increase of social awareness of each one will be the guarantee to refuse all the injustices, every day, and  a little all over the world..

What we do
Doctors of the world is a reliable international humanitarian organization , with many projects concerning medical care.. Throughout its existence ,  making regularly applications to national and international projects, and with partial funds from official entities and with the support and donations from companies and  benefactors, MDM has been developing  along these years, uncountable projects in Lisbon, Porto, Évora, Castanheira de Pera and in the international context with special emphasis in the PALOP´S - Guiné-Bissau, Angola, S. Tomé e Príncipe, Moçambique e Timor  Leste, without causing any damage to other actions of humanitarian emergency in   Timor-Leste  (1999,  2001  e  2006),  Turquia (1999), Peru (2001), Mozambique (2001), Afeganistão (2002), Iraque (2003), Sri Lanka (2004), Guinee-Bissau (2005 e 2008), S. Tomé e Príncipe (2006) e Haiti (2010).

How Doctors of the world ensures its action
Being an Association without profit, Doctors of the world ensures the continuity of its action through making applications to projects to official bodies of funding (national and international) and through private contributions and receiving some donations from a few companies .  In the last three years due to the serious financial difficulties that our country faces, there was a drastic reduction of the public financial supports, as well as from the private and from the companies that used to support us. On the other hand there was a significant increase of people asking for our support and help. Before this current situation, in order to give continuity to a free medical care, we had to interrupt our action in almost all PALOP countries, directing  our few funds to actions in Portugal so that we could provide primary healthcare , medication and Social Service to more than 5.000 person, including children, elderly people, homeless, through 8 national ongoing projects   .

We excel by transparency. In the reports of activities, we expose clearly the way we administrate our funds and resources, the results of this administration and the benefits to the population that we support. MDM accounts are audited every year by an external entity, reinforcing the control and the financial management of the association. Furthermore, this way, all the standards of excellence previewed as far as reliability is concerned are respected

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